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Hearing Aid Manufacturers

Kerr Hearing Aid Center carries a variety of models from the finest hearing aid manufacturers available today. This approach allows prescribing, fitting and programming a hearing aid that best addresses your specific hearing problem, not just one brand we happen to carry. We also service all makes and models of hearing aids.

Premium Hearing Aids

Our premium hearing aid selection prescribed by Jeff and Rebecca in our Springfield, IL office includes the latest technology from four companies:

Oticon Logo

Oticon designs advanced hearing aids with wireless connectivity allowing integration with your smartphone and home automation system, so that you are completely connected to sounds and events in your surroundings. They also offer child-friendly hearing aids tuned for the needs of students in classroom environments, yet durable enough to handle play. Oticon puts People First, allowing freer communication and more active participation in life.

Phonak Life Is On Logo

Phonak creates innovative technology including the latest in wireless connectivity, signal processing algorithms, and rechargeable solutions that simplify powerful solutions. With multiple operating modes managed in software, Phonak hearing aids move seamlessly from one listening situation to another. While Phonak hearing aids are worn in each ear, they communicate with each other continuously to adapt to situations such as road noise, music, restaurants, and more. With Phonak, #LifeIsOn.

Widex Logo

Widex is breaking new ground in connected hearing, with solutions for smartphones, telecoil, and home phone integration. On newer Widex families, smartphone apps allow for adjustments in hearing aid volume, clarity, and directionality. Widex also concentrates on capturing a range of sounds and keeping them clean – for example, wind noise is significantly reduced with up to 30% better speech understanding. Widex helps people experience Life Without Limits.

Resound GN logo

When technology works intuitively, you barely notice it is there. ReSound has been a pioneer in building innovative hearing solutions and makes it easier and more comfortable than ever before to access personalized sound that suits your lifestyle. Hearing aid technology has come a long way from the big, bulky devices of the past. ReSound constantly strives to develop better solutions that help people rediscover hearing so they can live rich, active and fulfilling lives.

Services and Accessories

Whether you purchased your hearing aid a Kerr Hearing or not, we can service it. Regular cleaning and maintenance is essential to keep the expected performance of your hearing aids. Whether it is as simple as a battery change, or as important as replacing failed components, we have experience in testing and repairing all makes and models of hearing aids.

Instead of mailing your hearing aids to some distant repair center, being them by us for a look – we can test your device, order parts if necessary, make repairs, and have you back to hearing life quickly. We also can help you select and order accessories compatible with your hearing aids, including batteries, wax tips, and more.

Are you Ready to Stay Connected?

From rechargeable lithium-ion technology to universal Bluetooth connectivity, you will always be engaged in the world around you. Contact us to give them a try with our 45-day risk-free trial!