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Hearing Aid Styles

When shopping for a hearing aid, it’s important to choose a model that’s right for your degree of hearing loss. At Kerr Hearing Aid Center, we carry a variety of hearing aid styles by top manufacturers to ensure we can fit you properly and accommodate your hearing loss.

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In-The-Ear (ITE)

In-The-Ear hearing aids are worn in the outer ear, making them easy to adjust. ITE hearing aids work well for people with mild to severe hearing loss.

In-The-Canal (ITC)

As the name suggests, In-The-Canal hearing aids fit almost entirely in the ear canal. This style is great for individuals with a mild to moderate hearing loss.

Completely-In-The-Canal (CIC)

These small hearing aids are custom made to fit comfortably in the ear canal. Although virtually invisible to others, they provide excellent sound for people with mild to moderate hearing loss.

Receiver-In-The-Ear (RITE)

This hearing aid style rests behind the ear with a receiver that extends into the ear canal. RITE hearing aids are ideal for those with normal or near normal low frequency hearing along with mild to moderate high frequency hearing loss.

Behind-The-Ear (BTE)

BTE hearing aids provide more amplification than any other hearing aid style. It is widely used for almost all types of hearing loss.

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